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ABOUT clandestine

what it is

how to use it

clandestine is a code we can use to communicate with one another in public spaces. it's a way to give the next person a heads up. the code is intended to ease the double guessing and self doubt out of your observations.


it's like asking what a friend what they thought of their experience at a place, and getting feedback immediately. if you feel like it is a safe space but worry it might not be, you can use the code to see what they person before you thought. if you feel that the establishment fosters a bad environment, a spotted symbol may validate that instinct. the goal is to keep eachother safe and in the know.

scribble a symbol in a public place. place it so that it inconspicuous to someone who isn't looking for it, but noticeable enough for someone who is to find it.


if a code doesn't exist, make one. then snap a picture of it and upload it to the forum with its definition.

see you around.

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